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Echipa Romair Consulting is a company with 100% Romanian capital, founded in 1997 in order to provide business and management, planning and engineering consultancy services.

The main objective of Romair Consulting is to provide excellent quality services for its clients, so that it will be recognized as the best national provider for technical and financial solutions in the field.

The strength of the company is represented by highly qualified specialists and the capacity to combine and use a variety of professional resources in the field of design and supervising supervision areas.

The company works directly with all its clients, providing a continuous improvement and a high level in satisfying the needs of the clients with the help of its professional staff, enhancing best value for all projects.

Statement of the President

Presedinte Gheorghe Boeru Over the last 15 years, we have respected a well designed development strategy, having a realistic base.

Having a unique identity, I have managed to build a competitive company with strong, devoted and motivated people.

Romair Consulting is the leader in building and implementing the projects financed by the European Union having as objective the continuation of the policy of training and promoting the best managers in the field.

The difference between us and the multinational companies is mostly about structure, not concept.

We aim at building projects for the future in Romania and at demonstrating that our country has its well deserved place among the states of the European Union.

We are a family business and I wish that Romair Consulting follows the approach of a strong family.

Gheorghe BOERU