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The internship program at Romair Consulting was created by Mr Gheorghe Boeru, the President of the company, to provide a solid basis for a professional career to young graduated from Hydrotechnics and Constructions faculties.

The program is aimed at recruiting and forming specialists in the field of designing urbanistic networks and hydrotechnic structures. The program is created to offer the interns a correct perspective on what means to have a career as design engineer and on the necessary required competencies.

The internship program at Romair Consulting offers the unique chance to participate in the implementation of the biggest projects at national levels according to the European Union standards. The working conditions are similar with the ones found in companies performing at European level.

The internship program at Romair Consulting started in 2015 with 18 young graduates from Iasi and Bucharest (from faculties such as Hydrotechnics and Constructions) and has currently reached 22 interns.