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Gheorghe Boeru

Gheorghe BOERU


Gheorghe Boeru is the President of the company and also the founder.

With a vast experience in implementing projects founded by international institutions and from national sources, having more than 20 years experience in running the company, Gheorghe Boeru is responsible for drafting and implementing the global strategy for the company.
Bogdan Boeru

Bogdan BOERU

Executive Director

Bogdan Boeru is the Executive Director of the company, responsible for the management of the current global activity of the company.
Licensed in economic studies, Bogdan Boeru has more than 10 years experience as Project Manager and Financial consultant for investment projects in the public and private sectors. Over the last 5 years, Bogdan Boeru was actively involved in company management.
Alina Alexandru


Director of Department for Management Consultancy

Having a professional experience of more than 16 years in projects financed by diverse institutions for the public and private sectors, Alina Alexandru coordinated multiple projects and multidisciplinary teams of experts. Also, she has experience in the field of expertize transfer and mentoring activities in projects implemented with the academic environment in the country and Europe. She is the Director of the Department for Management Consultancy that activates to identify adequate financing solutions and to offer assistance to different clients in order to correctly implement founded projects.
Mircea Dedu

Mircea DEDU

Director of Technical Department

Mircea Dedu is the Director of the Technical Department, ensuring the direct management for the design and supervision teams.

Having a vast experience of more than 22 years in design and engineering, Mircea Dedu was dedicated to and involved in major investment projects from diverse sectors, such as urbanistic, traffic, social, and environment infrastructure and in projects in the health sector.
Ionela Adam

Ionela ADAM

Director of Geodesy & GIS and Geotechnical Studies & Foundations Department

Ionela Adam runs the Geodesy & GIS and Geotechnical Studies & Foundations Department of the company that comprises 35 colleagues. She is actively involved as Project Manager in implementing large projects existent in the company.

As an engineer in geodesy, having more than 12 years experience, she has coordinated interdisciplinary teams of experts for projects addressing geodesy – topography –bathymetry - land register – photogrammetry – LiDAR, data processing and has also provided technical (geodesy and geotechnics) support in the design process.