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(14 November 2016)


November 11th, 2016: National Agency for Environmental Protection Constanta issued the Environemtal Agreement for the project “Reducing inshore erosion Phase II (2014-2020)” which includes new areas to be protected, rehabilitated and extended on the Romanian seashore of the Black Sea: Stavilare (Periboina, Edighiol), Mamaia, Tomis (Cazino), Agigea, Eforie, Costinesti, Olimp, Jupiter-Neptun, Balta Mangalia-Venus-Aurora, Mangalia-Saturn, 2 Mai.

Between October 25th – 31st, 2016, five public debate sessions took place in Constanta, Eforie, Mangalia, Sacele and Costinesti. They were organized by “Administratia Bazinala de Apa Dobrogea-Litoral”, with the support of ROMAIR Consulting and “Societatea de Cercetare a Biodiversitatii si Ingineria Mediului AON”. The sessions were held with the participation of representatives of the local authorities, of the wardens of the areas included in the project and of the local communities of the affected areas. The sessions presented the project, its aim and objectives, as well as the areas of major importance for the inhabitants. All the public debate sessions had a positive impact and were ended with the recommendation of having the Environmental Agreement issued.

ROMAIR Consulting, as Consultant, provides the services of technical assitance for drafting the project proposal submitted on Priority Axis 5, Large Infrastructure Programme 2014-2020: Application form (Feasibility study, support studies in order to identify technical solutions) and tender documentation for future contracts of works. The project has a great impact in the coastline areas in the last years and it is among the few projects in Romania which end being approved through alternative solutions, one year from the start of the environmental procedure.